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About Our Owner

          This just might be the perfect time to introduce myself and how I got into the beauty industry. My name is Diana and I love to make people feel confident and happy in their own skin. When I was younger I used to watch my sister do beautiful make up looks and always tried new things to look her best and I grew up looking up to her. My mom was always about feeling and appearing at her best and I remember her never forgetting her lipstick or her day/night creams and because of them I was so inspired to get into this industry. I used to get a lot of acne and dry skin, I felt the need to cover it up but once I finally learned what products worked best for my skin I started to feel more confident (with and without makeup). My career started off doing makeup for classmates for fun or even school dances, I used to make mini tutorials and I enjoyed that so much! I slowly got into lash strips and designed my own and started to sell them which is how I started up Mariposa Creations, but I knew I had the ability to grow more than just that. I am now an Esthetician, Cosmologist, and a Barber. Thank you for taking the time to read my bio!

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